Anything computer related can be solved very quickly, no matter how big or how small!

Shirley C
New Town, TAS on 05-11-2015

Satisfied with the service.

Kerry E
Rosetta, TAS on 10-11-2015

spoke in language I could understand. Very helpful service!

Jan M
Howrah, TAS on 13-11-2015

provided an honest and knowledgeable technician. Good value for money.

Frank O
West Hobart, TAS on 13-11-2015

Fantastic friendly and understanding service, from start to finish. fixed all my problems and I had a lot going on. I will never call another computer tech again.

Lachlan, TAS on 01-05-2015

My technician Nicholas was very thorough and helpful.

John B
Claremont, TAS on 05-05-2015

prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

Kingston, TAS on 09-05-2015

Prompt and efficient service.

Grant W
Kingston, TAS on 14-05-201

Very efficient!

Mara C
Rokeby, TAS on 14-05-2015

Extremely helpful and patient.

Peter Y
Lenah Valley, TAS on 01-05-2015


Luppo P
Howrah, TAS on 28-04-2015

fixed my computer problems, give them a go!

Marnie P
Mornington, TAS on 23-04-2015

explained everything to me in layman’s terms, which is very important for my age group to understand.

Peter F
Rose Bay, TAS on 10-04-2015

provided an experienced technician and efficient service.

Sukey J
Glebe, TAS on 10-04-2015

were prompt and got the job done.

Barbara J
Sandy Bay, TAS on 10-04-2015

Very happy with the service. I really couldn’t believe how quickly everything was done! It was a dream come true in this day and age.

Robert S
Bonnet Hill, TAS on 31-03-2015

The service is first class! The Geek Nicholas is on top of his job and talks to you in words that even I could understand.

David C
Brighton, TAS on 30-03-2015

My Geek Nicholas knows what he is doing & explains it.

John B
Oakdowns, TAS on 27-03-2015

extremely professional and explain things in understandable terms.

Ian S
Rosetta, TAS on 14-07-2015

My Geek Nick is always friendly and helpful.

Rosny, TAS on 10-07-2015

Fantastic, friendly and professional service. I will recommend to everyone.

Peter E
Kingston, TAS on 06-07-2015

were prompt, explained what they thought was the problem and treated me respectfully.

Mary P
Glenorchy, TAS on 06-07-2015

able to explain and communicate at the level of the client’s knowledge of computers.

Ruth S
Rosetta, TAS on 02-07-2015

Great service!

June B
Brighton, TAS on 30-06-2015

Highly recommend!

John B
Claremont, TAS on 29-06-2015

My technician was knowledgeable and able to empathise.

Rosemary B
Margate, TAS on 26-06-2015

It’s easy to get an appointment and are prompt, efficient and effective.

Helen R
Old Beach, TAS on 25-06-201

very friendly, punctual and knowledgeable.

Angie H
Howrah, TAS on 16-06-2015

**Nicholas is friendly and understanding and certainly knows his stuff. He had my Wireless, VOIP and ADSL2 connections up and running well within 30 minutes. Thanks.

**I thought it was a very good service, fixed my problems and explained a lot of things to me.

**All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I also received more knowledge of my home network system.

**Nick is always helpful

**Promt,Helpful & informative

**The convenience of having the technician come to your home.

**Very helpful and information clearly explained in language which was understood!

**Problems fixed extras added information supplied. Pleasant personnel.  Arrived when said.

**prompt friendly and helpful service with a very pleasant geek !!

** Seem professional.

**They will be there when they say.  Will be able to fix their problem. Well worth the mqney.

**Very professional and the technician really knows his business

**Great service, booking was easy and very efficient, Nick was great, offered good advice and enjoyable.

**prompt, efficient, pleasant.

**The technican was punctual, gave realistic indications as to how long the works would take, aned was very knowledgeable and professional.

**They are friendly and knowledgable. Prompt and helpful service.

**Prompt and very honest in their assement

**Extremely handy and convenient; takes a lot of the stress out of computer trouble. Possibly prevents heart attacks and brain seizures. Good service, very little ‘lingo’, all english.

**Prompt and timely attendance. Layman’s language and matter of fact language used by technician.

Explanation of problem summarised politely and solution suggested in easily understandable way.


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